What causes dark circles?

The most annoying part of the morning is to see you in mirror and again encounter those evil dark circles. They make you look like a raccoon with black circles around your eyes. We girls daily wish to find a magic wand to remove our faithful but unwanted friend but they remain with us, making our life and appearance ugly. Though we all want to discuss how to get rid of them but first let us discuss the reason of their coming into our life.

The most intriguing and irritating thing is that the dark circles are not at all unwelcomed guests but somehow they are invited by us. The main reasons of having dark circles are related to our lifestyle and unhealthy routine. They are as follows-

• First let me discuss the uncommon reason. The problem of dark circles might happen because of some problem and infection in the kidneys. The normal symptoms of kidney problem are rashes on skin, and dark circles under eye. If you have fever along with dark circles then your problem is no longer a beauty problem, consult to doctor.

• Another reason of having dark circle is irregular periods. Many times girls get the dark circle during their menstruation cycle and they are a normal thing to happen that do not requires any consultation. They appear few days before periods and go back in their shell after the periods are over. But if they are accompanied with some irregularity then its better to give a visit to your health counselor. The problem can be solved by having green tea and diet with limited carbohydrates or salt.

• Hereditary might also be a reason behind the dark circles. Ask your grand mothers and mother whether they had dark circles in their younger years. Having dark circle as a hereditary gift is difficult to get rid from. If is so then the best option is to forget about removing them and use your energy in some better work as they are impossible to be removed. Better go for concealers for them.

The dark spots might be beauty blunders but they also tell us a lot about our fitness of our body. Having any kind of internal trouble or weakness is the main cause of dark circles. So whenever you try to remove dark circles always work in a dual mode. Use serum for external recovery and healthy food for inner cure.hey both are required for a dark spot free skin.


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