Beginner’s Guide to Botox

Growing old is though a natural process many women are not prepared to embrace it openly. Why? Because of those wrinkles that are clearly visible on your face. Wouldn’t that be perfect that you could grow old without showing signs of aging?

What is Botox?

Well you can achieve that by going through a Botox treatment. Firstly I’ll explain what Botox is. Botulinum toxin has anti-aging properties that is sold in the form of Botox and Dysport. When Botox is injected into the skin it relaxes the muscles and prevents the skin from causing wrinkles. The use of Botox helps decrease wrinkles around the eyes, fine lines and the turkey neck; lines around the neck area.

Though Botox is prescription-only drug many people who are not medical professionals also inject it. You need to be aware that botulinum is a potent bacterial neurotoxin which can have adverse consequences on your skin if it’s not used appropriately. One should make sure that the Botox treatment is performed under a medical professional’s or a doctor’s supervision.

We couldn’t create a better video on Botox Treatments, so check this one out for more information.  It’s highly educational.

Getting to the cost of the Botox, it depends on the amount that is being injected in you. The numbers of the units that need to be injected are determined by the level of active muscles that are present in your skin. Normally the price of one unit of injection costs around $9-15. For example, if you want to treat your forehead then it will take around 10 to 20 units which roughly makes around $90 to $300 plus it also depends on how much fee your doctor might charge.

People going for a treatment for the first time are concerned about the level of pain during the process. According to many people it’s quite similar to an ant’s bite which lasts for a few seconds only and then you are fine.

The effects of Botox normally last up to 3 to 4 months but you can prolong the time period but continuous treatment visits last longer.

Recently there has been an increased trend of getting Botox treatments at a pretty young age. Many teenagers come up to the doctors to get Botox as a preventive measure. According to many doctors treating future aging problems at an early age tend to decrease the chances of wrinkles appearing but some doctors disagree and believe that starting a Botox treatment at such an early age may have its disadvantages too.

Possible Side Effects of Botox

Usually the side effects are restricted to the Botox treated area. These side effects include bruising in the injected area, droopy eyelids, redness and swelling, weakening of muscles, headaches, nausea and a needle-prick feeling in the injected area.

In rare circumstances, the effects of the toxins can spread away from the injected area. In that case a person may have problems in swallowing, breathing or speaking because of the muscle weakness. This can be severe if larger doses of Botox are injected. Despite its various disadvantages it’s still quite popular for treating wrinkles.

Hopefully this brief introduction to this procedure was informative.  Please read our home page for more information on skin care.  You may also like this article about telomere shortening.  Telomere health is something that’s really trending right now in skin care circles.



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