Delfogo Rx Reconstructive Eye Serum Review

There are any number of eye serums and creams out there that claim to have life-changing impacts. For many of these those claims prove to be little more than marketing fads. This is not the case with Delfogo’s latest offering in its age-defying line which is gaining a lot of momentum as far as anti aging skin care products are concerned.

Our Reviews of the DelfogoRx Reconstructive Eye Serum

Priced Under $20, this is one of the best value eye serums on  Click here to see the listing as well as customer reviews:   DelfogoRx Eye Serum.

Many websites such as have called this the best eye serum to have come out in recent years and that its effects and results can only be compared to the popular wrinkle treatment of Botox. Although Botox comes with its own fair share of risks, this is not the case with the Delfogo Reconstructive Eye Serum. It is made from pharmaceutically approved and safe ingredients which mean it can safely be applied in small amounts twice a day for protracted periods of time without any ill effects.

It has been the subject of various lab studies which were carried out to gauge what its effects are. The most notable findings have been issued by AMA labs situated in New York. They say that the serum is good for skin and safe for use even for really sensitive skin. However the brand itself does not recommend that you use it more than two times a day or use exceptionally large amounts of it. It is designed only for the eye area and not meant to be used on wrinkles or hyper pigmentation anywhere else.

What the serum is meant for is a multitude of commonly faced problems around the skin of the eye area. Many of these occur with age while more still may be because of lifestyle choices or stress. Premature aging may also be the culprit in many cases and this serum is particularly brilliant for that.

The serum targets the DNA inside the layers of skin and pumps it with its antioxidant power and hyaluronic acid. This acid naturally occurs in the body as well but the skin loses it with age. The skin around the eyes is delicate and thin which means it is affected more by this loss. This Delfogo eye serum rejuvenates the area and restores its former elasticity which means that after a few weeks you get younger looking skin.

It can be used as part of the Age Defying regime by Delfogo but even on its own it is a very impressive product. As a therapy it is recommended for a flat 30 days after which you are sure to see some results. Continued use is safe and in fact advised to improve the condition of the skin around your eye area.

The problems which are dealt with rather effectively are under eye puffiness and dark circles, which we go into more in depth on this page, as well as wrinkles and fine lines. Crow’s feet are in particular treated by the Argireline in the serum to maximum results. There is also the patented ingredient of EyelissTM which lifts the skin around the eyes contributing to a younger looking appearance.

Overall, if you read reviews, the Delfogo Reconstructive eye serum reviews are quite solid for such a value product.

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