Can Niacin Help With Weight Loss?

Niacin is an essential mineral for our bodies. In fact it’s so essential it’s actually considered to be a vitamin – vitamin b3 to be more specific. Like all other essential minerals it’s very important to get enough on a daily basis. Vitamin B3 has been shown to not only help us be healthier but it may also aid us in our journey for weight loss.

While it is important to make sure you are getting enough niacin if you want to lose weight, we are going to cover the ways that niacin can help with weight loss. Since Niacin, or Vitamin B3, is water-soluble, your will need to provide your body a continuous supply. Filtered or spring water is best, niacin combined with water helps to remove toxins and regular tap water may add more toxins that you would expel. This can be done either by adding niacin rich foods to your diet or by taking niacin supplements.

How Niacin Facilitates Weight Loss

Niacin is essential to helping your body convert food into usable energy. However, it also has many other important functions such as keeping a healthy digestive system, skin, and nerves. By making the food to energy conversion better, it can help improve circulation, reduce cholesterol, and benefit your metabolism. Metabolism is a very important tool to losing weight. With a higher metabolism it will allow you to burn more calories even when sitting around or sleeping. More calories out equal more weight loss.

One particular benefit of niacin is its role in helping the body make stress hormones. This is important to those looking to lose weight because stress is the main cause overeating. Niacin helps prevent the production of cortisol, cortisol is a major factor on the weight gain epidemic. Shutting down that hormone should be a top priority if you are looking to lose weight. The fact that vitamin b3 helps to block the production is good for weight loss because cortisol is released as a response to stress and it is believed to add weight, in particular belly fat.

It Helps You Exercise Longer

Niacin also helps with exercise your efforts. Improving blood circulation means the nutrients are delivered to areas of the body more efficiently and at a faster rate; this especially applies to oxygen. Therefore, the body can exercise for a longer period of time, muscles can be used to their full potential so you can burn fat.

Increased metabolism is also claimed to be a positive weight loss effect of niacin. Niacin specifically helps the body metabolize carbohydrates and assists in amino acid production that encourages fat burning. This means the niacin supplements can directly help weight loss efforts. Since niacin increases the rate that fatty acids are turned into energy, it can provide you with an “energy boost” so you can exercise more and for longer periods of time. This means you have more opportunity for weight loss. Adding Niacin supplements to your weight loss plan can have positive effects on weight loss efforts.

Here’s a video I found that has some decent information (good music too!)

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Haloxyl Based Eye Serums

Whether you’re searching for an item that diminishes the presence of dark circles or need to formulate your own beauty products, you should seriously consider the use of Haloxyl. While there are different components that cause dark circles under the eyes, for instance, genetic qualities, absence of rest, and maturing, they are a champion among the most troublesome skin issues to treat.

What is a Haloxyl Eye Serum?

This topical treatment is planned to target and absorb the pigments present in the blood that is in charge of color; which, when connected to dark circles, can fade them with repeated use of this product. It is accessible for the individuals who need to utilize the item all alone or in their own product formulation. Haloxyl is intended to build the immovability in the skin around and under the eye, which may reduce the fine lines and wrinkles as well.

Regardless, before you purchase Haloxyl to treat your dark circles, or drain your eye bags, you may need to read about Haloxyl and discuss this thing with your dermatologist, to guarantee if this turns out to be the best treatment decision for your condition.

One of the primary ingredients in Haloxyl is Chrysin, which is a trademark component found in certain plants and in bumble bee dust. This ingredient has been effective in reducing inflammation, which may reduce dark circles and puffiness that are brought on via occasional hypersensitivities. Haloxyl additionally contains Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, which is a mix of amino acids that are detailed to boost the creation of collagen in the skin, bringing about an expansion in solidness while it reduces inflammation. While these ingredients can be valuable, extremely touchy reaction to one or a more prominent amount of them is possible, so you should consider your skin’s history before using Haloxyl.

So, youthful skin has a lot of collagen and elastin to keep the skin smooth, firm and plump. But, in your 20’s, collagen decreases, elastin separates, and cells don’t turn over. By age 30, your skin loses a large portion of its collagen. When collagen separates, the skin loses solidness and flexibility, bringing about wrinkles, crow’s feet, loss of solidness and dullness. In the meantime, the layer of skin underneath dermis starts to thin. It doesn’t need to be like this however. To battle this, Haloxyl has a leap forward equation that works in the skin’s most profound layers to actually boost collagen production.

While Haloxyl is thought to be non-irritating, you should try out a skin patch test and screen the region for 24 hours before utilizing the product as a part of any healthy skin item you make or all alone. Should you experience any eye disturbance or swelling while using Haloxyl, rinse that area with a plenty of water and contact a dermatologist the earliest possible to avoid any rashes.

Here are two eye serums with Haloxyl I’ve used and can recommend.  Elite Serum and Miami Nights.

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How to Drain Eye Bags

Rising up to swollen eyes that make you look all sick .Do you have under eye bags or circles? Under-eye bags are a characteristic impact of maturing, yet they can likewise be brought on by absence of rest and hypersensitivities. Under-eye bags can make people look tired or energy drained. Figure out how to decrease the presence of under-eye bags with speedy cures.

Here’s How to Drain Your Eye Bags

Drink a lot of water

Under-eye bags are regularly brought on by the retention of water because of high salt focus in the area. You may wake up with bags subsequent to having a salty supper or crying; whether it’s from tears or food, salt can attract water to your face and make it gather under your eyes. Flush extra salt from your routine by drinking water. Keep away from salty food for whatever remains of the day. Avoid drinks that cause you to end up drying you out, similar to espresso and liquor.

Relieve your eyes with something cold

You’ve most likely heard that setting cucumbers over your eyes will decrease packs, yet it’s really the cool temperature that mitigates the territory. Cucumbers are ideal in every possible way to treat those bags under your eyes- simply ensure it’s been chilling in the cooler in advance. If you don’t have a cucumber, wet a couple teabags and chill them in the cooler or fridge before putting them over your eyes. Utilize a relieving tea, similar to chamomile or peppermint, so you get the advantages of fragrant healing in the meantime.

Put on some concealer

In the short term, hiding under-eye bags and circles with little cosmetics is the easiest and quickest way. The right cosmetics can enormously decrease the eye bags and keep you looking fresh throughout the day. Try getting a concealer that matches you complexion. In the event that your under-eye bags are dull, you could likewise go one shade lighter. Apply the concealer with your finger or a cotton ball. Ensure you spot it on softly as opposed to rubbing it into your skin. The cosmetics will disguise your packs all the more successfully on the off chance that it remains focused surface of your skin. Take after the concealer with a brush of powder to help it set and stay set up throughout the day. Utilize a matte powder (not one with gleam) and brush a little powder under your eyes.

Use teabags

The tannin in the teabag can once in a while mozy down under-eye bags. Boil water and dunk two teabags into the boiling hot water. Sway it here and there until they are drenched through. Remove and allow it to cool on a plate. As per desire, spread face, nose, eyes, with paper towel or face washers. Rests some place comfortable. Place one splashed teabag over every eye. Knock your feet up, relax for a couple of minutes. After a bit of relaxing, remove the teabags. Ideally, things will look somewhat less puffy when you check the mirror once more.

Of course, using any product I recommend, like this one, or the Miami Nights Dark Circle Serum, can also go a long way to helping you get rid of bags under your eyes. There are many ways, so use what’s in your budget.

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Best Eye Cream for Wrinkles

As its name suggests, a wrinkle cream is a beauty product that is used by people who want to remove their wrinkles. Wrinkles are most commonly formed as a result of the natural aging process. Some people get wrinkles around their eyes whereas other get fine lines on their forehead. The first thing that you should consider while buying any kind of cream is its ingredients. This one is perhaps the best anti aging ingredient known to man.

Finding the Best Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream

Keep in mind that a single cream cannot treat all your wrinkles. What I mean to say is that if you have wrinkles around your eyes then you will be required to buy a specific cream that contains ingredients which work best around the eye area. Similarly, if you have neck wrinkles then you will be required to buy a wrinkle cream that is known for removing neck wrinkles and contains relevant ingredients. The point to note here is that the same cream cannot be used on different areas of your face. Even if you do use the same cream you won’t notice any visible results. The following are some tips that will help you find the perfect cream for treating your wrinkles.

Research Eye Creams Online

It is extremely important to do some research before you buy a specific cream for wrinkles. You should be well aware of your skin type and then choose a product that suits your skin. The best way to do research about different creams is online. Read reviews about wrinkles creams and join different product review forums. You will also find some blogs where people have shared their experience of using a particular cream. By visiting blogs and reading customer reviews about various different product s, you will get a general idea of the type of wrinkle cream that you should buy for yourself.

Generally speaking, a lot of research points to this product.  The reviews of this eye serum are incredible, and I’ve personally tried it and can vouch.

Consult a dermatologist

If you want to find the best wrinkle cream then it is also advisable to consult your dermatologist. A dermatologist can recommend you the best cream based on your skin type. Share your medical history with your dermatologist and also tell him about the skin products that you use. Don’t hesitate to ask questions from your dermatologist regarding specific creams and their usage. An advantage of consulting a dermatologist before buying a cream for wrinkles is that it can help you reduce side effects.

Buy from a physical store

These days you can also order an eye wrinkle cream online. Place like offer many to choose from. I prefer this to a physical store where sales people are incentivized to make commissions and can be pushy, but to each their own.

The bottom line is that there are no magic formulae for buying the best wrinkle cream. You have to do some effort in order to find the right product for you.

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Beginner’s Guide to Botox

Growing old is though a natural process many women are not prepared to embrace it openly. Why? Because of those wrinkles that are clearly visible on your face. Wouldn’t that be perfect that you could grow old without showing signs of aging?

What is Botox?

Well you can achieve that by going through a Botox treatment. Firstly I’ll explain what Botox is. Botulinum toxin has anti-aging properties that is sold in the form of Botox and Dysport. When Botox is injected into the skin it relaxes the muscles and prevents the skin from causing wrinkles. The use of Botox helps decrease wrinkles around the eyes, fine lines and the turkey neck; lines around the neck area.

Though Botox is prescription-only drug many people who are not medical professionals also inject it. You need to be aware that botulinum is a potent bacterial neurotoxin which can have adverse consequences on your skin if it’s not used appropriately. One should make sure that the Botox treatment is performed under a medical professional’s or a doctor’s supervision.

We couldn’t create a better video on Botox Treatments, so check this one out for more information.  It’s highly educational.

Getting to the cost of the Botox, it depends on the amount that is being injected in you. The numbers of the units that need to be injected are determined by the level of active muscles that are present in your skin. Normally the price of one unit of injection costs around $9-15. For example, if you want to treat your forehead then it will take around 10 to 20 units which roughly makes around $90 to $300 plus it also depends on how much fee your doctor might charge.

People going for a treatment for the first time are concerned about the level of pain during the process. According to many people it’s quite similar to an ant’s bite which lasts for a few seconds only and then you are fine.

The effects of Botox normally last up to 3 to 4 months but you can prolong the time period but continuous treatment visits last longer.

Recently there has been an increased trend of getting Botox treatments at a pretty young age. Many teenagers come up to the doctors to get Botox as a preventive measure. According to many doctors treating future aging problems at an early age tend to decrease the chances of wrinkles appearing but some doctors disagree and believe that starting a Botox treatment at such an early age may have its disadvantages too.

Possible Side Effects of Botox

Usually the side effects are restricted to the Botox treated area. These side effects include bruising in the injected area, droopy eyelids, redness and swelling, weakening of muscles, headaches, nausea and a needle-prick feeling in the injected area.

In rare circumstances, the effects of the toxins can spread away from the injected area. In that case a person may have problems in swallowing, breathing or speaking because of the muscle weakness. This can be severe if larger doses of Botox are injected. Despite its various disadvantages it’s still quite popular for treating wrinkles.

Hopefully this brief introduction to this procedure was informative.  Please read our home page for more information on skin care.  You may also like this article about telomere shortening.  Telomere health is something that’s really trending right now in skin care circles.



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Delfogo Rx Reconstructive Eye Serum Review

There are any number of eye serums and creams out there that claim to have life-changing impacts. For many of these those claims prove to be little more than marketing fads. This is not the case with Delfogo’s latest offering in its age-defying line which is gaining a lot of momentum as far as anti aging skin care products are concerned.

Our Reviews of the DelfogoRx Reconstructive Eye Serum

Priced Under $20, this is one of the best value eye serums on  Click here to see the listing as well as customer reviews:   DelfogoRx Eye Serum.

Many websites such as have called this the best eye serum to have come out in recent years and that its effects and results can only be compared to the popular wrinkle treatment of Botox. Although Botox comes with its own fair share of risks, this is not the case with the Delfogo Reconstructive Eye Serum. It is made from pharmaceutically approved and safe ingredients which mean it can safely be applied in small amounts twice a day for protracted periods of time without any ill effects.

It has been the subject of various lab studies which were carried out to gauge what its effects are. The most notable findings have been issued by AMA labs situated in New York. They say that the serum is good for skin and safe for use even for really sensitive skin. However the brand itself does not recommend that you use it more than two times a day or use exceptionally large amounts of it. It is designed only for the eye area and not meant to be used on wrinkles or hyper pigmentation anywhere else.

What the serum is meant for is a multitude of commonly faced problems around the skin of the eye area. Many of these occur with age while more still may be because of lifestyle choices or stress. Premature aging may also be the culprit in many cases and this serum is particularly brilliant for that.

The serum targets the DNA inside the layers of skin and pumps it with its antioxidant power and hyaluronic acid. This acid naturally occurs in the body as well but the skin loses it with age. The skin around the eyes is delicate and thin which means it is affected more by this loss. This Delfogo eye serum rejuvenates the area and restores its former elasticity which means that after a few weeks you get younger looking skin.

It can be used as part of the Age Defying regime by Delfogo but even on its own it is a very impressive product. As a therapy it is recommended for a flat 30 days after which you are sure to see some results. Continued use is safe and in fact advised to improve the condition of the skin around your eye area.

The problems which are dealt with rather effectively are under eye puffiness and dark circles, which we go into more in depth on this page, as well as wrinkles and fine lines. Crow’s feet are in particular treated by the Argireline in the serum to maximum results. There is also the patented ingredient of EyelissTM which lifts the skin around the eyes contributing to a younger looking appearance.

Overall, if you read reviews, the Delfogo Reconstructive eye serum reviews are quite solid for such a value product.

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Effective methods for removing dark circles

Having dark circles is a big problem for many persons. While the dark circles are often associated with lack of sleep and stress there are other factors that contribute in developing dark circles. Stress may cause you a disturbed sleep and poor blood circulation. The reason may very but one thing is for sure that you have to deal with dark circles if you want to remove them.
Start your journey from home remedies-

Your kitchen can provide solution to many problems. The home remedies have been very popular among the older generation in the families as there were not any advance cosmetic creams available at that time. There are some home remedies that are very much effective in removing dark circles. They are-

• Cucumber slice is an all time hit method for removing dark circles. You simply have to slice the cucumber and put it on your eyes for 1110 to 15 minutes. You will feel relaxed and refreshing with visible change in color of skin under eyes.

• Mixing almond with honey or milk is a popular method of removing dark circles. You have to mix the components and apply it on the effected areas. Massage in circular motion and then rinse it of after few minutes.

• Green tea bags are also very effective in reducing dark circles. They are best method for soothing your eyes and making them look fresh.

The dark circle serum- Another important and most popular method of reducing dark circles is the under eye serum for dark circles. These dark circle serums are very effective and the user gets effective results in no time. They are very much effective and have long lasting results on the user. The benefits of the dark circle serum are as follow-

• The concentration of hemoglobin under the eyes is also one of the reasons for dark circles. The ingredients of under eye serum break down the hemoglobin on the effected area while giving a soothing effect to calm the skin and tired eyes.

• The good quality serum has an all natural ingredients so there is no threat of any side effects. The serum will soothe your eyes and make them look beautiful.

• The application of under eye serum is very convenient. All the users have to do is to apply the serum on eyes twice a day while massaging in circular motion.

• The serums also help in eliminating fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes and help you in getting a younger look.

What causes dark circles?

The most annoying part of the morning is to see you in mirror and again encounter those evil dark circles. They make you look like a raccoon with black circles around your eyes. We girls daily wish to find a magic wand to remove our faithful but unwanted friend but they remain with us, making our life and appearance ugly. Though we all want to discuss how to get rid of them but first let us discuss the reason of their coming into our life.

The most intriguing and irritating thing is that the dark circles are not at all unwelcomed guests but somehow they are invited by us. The main reasons of having dark circles are related to our lifestyle and unhealthy routine. They are as follows-

• First let me discuss the uncommon reason. The problem of dark circles might happen because of some problem and infection in the kidneys. The normal symptoms of kidney problem are rashes on skin, and dark circles under eye. If you have fever along with dark circles then your problem is no longer a beauty problem, consult to doctor.

• Another reason of having dark circle is irregular periods. Many times girls get the dark circle during their menstruation cycle and they are a normal thing to happen that do not requires any consultation. They appear few days before periods and go back in their shell after the periods are over. But if they are accompanied with some irregularity then its better to give a visit to your health counselor. The problem can be solved by having green tea and diet with limited carbohydrates or salt.

• Hereditary might also be a reason behind the dark circles. Ask your grand mothers and mother whether they had dark circles in their younger years. Having dark circle as a hereditary gift is difficult to get rid from. If is so then the best option is to forget about removing them and use your energy in some better work as they are impossible to be removed. Better go for concealers for them.

The dark spots might be beauty blunders but they also tell us a lot about our fitness of our body. Having any kind of internal trouble or weakness is the main cause of dark circles. So whenever you try to remove dark circles always work in a dual mode. Use serum for external recovery and healthy food for inner cure.hey both are required for a dark spot free skin.

Use collagen eye pads to get rid of dark circles

At some stage of life, everyone can experience dark circles under the eyes. Generally, this happens after several sleepless nights. Due to insufficient sleep, the blood vessels become visible as the skin is very thin. The sleep deprivation is not the only cause of dark circles. Age is also one of the major contributing factors for increasing the appearance of dark circles. These dark circles can become permanent if a person does not take any remedial measures for it. Collagen is a natural protein present in this skin cells. It provides elasticity and structure to the skin. It starts reducing with age and skin loses its elasticity. It is the main reason for wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles.

If you really want to reverse the signs of aging, you should replenish your skin with collagen. It is difficult to reverse the process naturally as the ability of your body to synthesize natural collagen also decreases with age. Using collagen eye pads is one of the best solutions to get rid of dark circles. It is an effective way and produces amazing benefits. There are no side effects of using collagen pads. It consists of natural extracts of collagen from plants. It helps your skin to resynthesize the collagen and restore its normal structure. Dark circles also disappear as your skin becomes firmer and elastic. You will notice a great change in the appearance of your skin as fine lines and wrinkles also start disappearing after using collagen pads. It tightens your skin and gives you radiant and youthful skin.

Collagen also moisturizes your skin and rehydrates it. It provides necessary nourishment to your skin. The other nutrients such as ginseng and seaweed extracts also help in regeneration of skin cells. It makes your skin healthy. These anti-oxidants make your skin free from free radicals and also protect it from dehydration. It is a gentle treatment and does not produce any adverse effects on your skin. If you have a sensitive skin, this is the best option to get beautiful and attractive skin. It is an easy to use treatment and you have to apply it just for half an hour. It is quickly absorbed by your skin cells to produce the best results. When you remove the collagen pads, your skin looks tight and fresh.

How to find the best eye cream for dark circles?

Are you looking for the best eye cream to reduce dark circles? If you also believe that the product which is advertised more or used by a class of people will produce any good results on your skin as well, you are wrong. It is because all the products listed in stores are not good for everyone. You should not believe the product right away and should do a thorough search for the ingredients and their benefits on the web. Companies use various tactics to attract people and you should distance yourself from such tactics used by the companies.

I know it is not possible for you to try all the products that are available in the market. Eyes are the most sensitive part of our body. Everyone thinks twice before using anything on eyes to remain safe and avoid any damage to the eyes.

It is basically an arduous task to find the best eye cream for your dark circles. Avoid doing self medication. It is better to consult a physician before applying anything on your eyes on your own. The best eye cream for removing dark circles is one that contains natural ingredients. The most important nutrients required for removing dark circles under your eyes are vitamin A, E and C. The vitamin K is also an important nutrient for maintaining good skin health and removing dark circles. Vitamin K increases the strength of the blood vessels under the skin around the eyes and help to get rid of dark circles under the eyes.

Coenzyme Q10 is also an important ingredient that helps you to get rid of dark circles. It helps to regenerate the new skin cells. Eye creams containing Coenzyme Q10 is considered to be one of the best natural treatment for reducing dark circles.

Honey based eye cream is also an important eye cream that can help to get rid of dark circles. Thus, you can use different ways to find the best eye cream to remove dark circles around the eyes. You should search for the best ingredients used to prepare eye serum or eye cream to remove dark circles circles.